Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm a little sad right now

It seems that two of my very closest friends in the world are sick of me and all of my baby talk. They don't want to hang out with me because they don't want to hear about my views on parenting and breastfeeding and discipline.
I can understand, we are only 23 and neither of them sees these things as relevent to their lives, they want to hear about what happened on the weekend when everyone was drunk. I can understand the hesitation on their part to hear (yet again) the benefits of breastfeeding and why control crying is so bad and why attachment parenting is soo NOT anti-feminist.

TJ says I need to get some other mother friends, which seems pretty simple. But non-single mums don't particularly want to become too close to single mums, and young (single or not) mums are usually at the complete other end of the spectrum to me when it comes to attittudes towards parenting.
ET is just mean all the time, making fun of me when I post something about being a mum on facebook and rolling her eyes if we do actually hang out and I happen to mention anything pertaining to children.

But at the same time, these are my friends, my very closest friends, and if I can't spend time with them because they don't want to hear about what I have to say, then what can I do? So I'm a little sad, because apart from one other person, K (who lives 10 hours away), these two are my alltime favourite people. I would drive for an hour to either of their houses just to hang out and do nothing in particular, because I just enjoy being around them. And they don't want to be around me. Because I'm passionate about mothering.

I don't know what the resolution is, perhaps I'll just end up having no friends. All I know is that I will not compromise the raising of my daughter for anything, even my favourite people. I have other things to fill my time, Elsie is the MOST important thing in my life, and my commitment to her is the most important thing in hers.

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  1. I hope it's not, but could your one friend have had an abortion? Sometimes they must shield themselves from babies because of the buried pain inside. I know because I had one and until I had some counseling, I cried and was detached from children. I am so glad you have your beautiful baby!